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Subscription and payments


Subscription & Payments

If you haven't activated your subscription or payment method yet, simply select the one that suits your preference. You can either link your own Stripe account, utilize our Ryft payment gateway, or get in touch with us for custom plan designed specifically for large-scale events.

Your subscription type must correspond to your selected payment method, which means you can have either Stripe or Ryft for both billing and receiving payments, but not both at the same time.

Read more about the payment options here: Payment options

If you have already activated your subscription, you have the flexibility to modify your payment information or adjust your subscription plan as required.

In the payment option section you also have the flexibility to decide whether you want to pass on the ticket fees to the attendees. This means that the fees will be included in the total ticket price, allowing you to manage your event finances according to your preferences.

You'll also find a comprehensive list of invoices, which you can review or conveniently pay for. Additionally, rest assured that invoices will be automatically sent to your email address following each billing period, ensuring you stay informed about your financial transactions.