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Ryft integration


Helping you earn more


Using Ryft payment gateway and pass on fees feature, your business will make around 5% more compared to the current state. Ryft works like Connect i.e. you receive the entire ticket amount right at the moment of the purchase + we share extra 2 percentage points from fees.


How the fees work:


=> passed on the ticket buyers

=> 6.9% + $0.25 (or equivalent in your currency)

=> 'rebate' of 2 percentage points

=> not a cost to your business as the payment gateway fee is covered by the ticket buyer




The on-boarding process is quick and straightforward. It will take you only a couple of minutes to create your account.

During the on-boarding process, sub-merchants will be directed to a dedicated Ryft web page. Here, they will be prompted to provide essential information such as their company name, company number, and bank details. Following this submission, a Ryft account will be generated for them.

Sub-merchants can then proceed to complete the necessary business verification within their Ryft account, which is a crucial step to enable payouts.It's important to note that sub-merchants can initiate transactions immediately, even before completing the verification process.

However, they will need to finalize the verification to ensure they can receive payouts. For a visual guide on this verification process, please refer to this video: https://www.loom.com/share/71ab58a02faf42a69f2c447cf8ad9065?sid=f160d21a-893a-4d8e-a7db-022c1749adaf

When activating Ryft, please check your spam folder for a confirmation email if you can't find it in your inbox. Sometimes, email filters may mistakenly classify confirmation emails as spam, so it's important to look in your spam or junk folder to ensure you receive and confirm the activation of your Ryft account.