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Payment options

Our platform integrates with both Stripe and Ryft, offering versatile payment processing options. Your subscription type must correspond to your selected payment method, which means you can have either Stripe or Ryft for both billing and receiving payments, but not both at the same time. We also provide the option for wire transfer payments which is available in both Stripe and Ryft plans.



Ryft is a preferred choice for many due to its convenience and effectiveness.

During the onboarding process, sub-merchants will be directed to a dedicated Ryft web page. Here, they will be prompted to provide essential information such as their company name, company number, and bank details. Following this submission, a Ryft account will be generated for them. Sub-merchants can then proceed to complete the necessary business verification within their Ryft account, which is a crucial step to enable payouts.It's important to note that sub-merchants can initiate transactions immediately, even before completing the verification process. However, they will need to finalize the verification to ensure they can receive payouts. For a visual guide on this verification process, please refer to this video: https://www.loom.com/share/71ab58a02faf42a69f2c447cf8ad9065?sid=f160d21a-893a-4d8e-a7db-022c1749adaf


Before you begin the process of adding the Stripe payment method, make sure you have obtained your Stripe Public key and Client Secret.

To obtain your Secret API Keys navigate to your Stripe Dashboard. (this link should take you directly to the api section of the Stripe dashboard) You can find more information about this process in the Stripe Support documentation by visiting this external link: Obtaining Stripe API Keys. Once in your Stripe account Dashboard, ensure you are viewing the 'Live' keys section. Secret API Key keys follow the format "sk_live".

Once you've obtained your Stripe credentials, simply copy and paste them into the EventsFrame settings, and you'll be all set to start accepting payments seamlessly.

Wire Transfer

To set up wire transfer payments, there's no need to upload any information in the payment section; you can simply activate it!

Instead, you'll provide all the necessary details when creating your event in Step 5, which is the "Additional Information" section.

Enter clear and concise instructions on how attendees can make wire transfer payments. Include essential information such as your bank account details, the reference code to use, and any additional instructions. Following that, you can mark an order as paid within the "Orders" section.